Size Charts

Neon Yellow Bra Set (see bra sets in menu at

Ordering Directions for Mixed Sizes and various outfit types

Please add a “note to seller” at checkout with your Bra Size and Hips measurement or Jeans & bra size for perfect sizing.  Then fill out dropdown options as best you can.  I will use the note to seller sizes. My Mannequin is a perfect large hips 36″ w/medium bust 33″ and small  waist 24″.   33-24-36.  If you have your measurements add them in “note  to seller” at checkout.  She wears a 34C or 36B or 32D she can wear any  of these bras really. 

Customized Bra Sets

I need your bra size if your ordering a bra.  Or Cup & Band  measurement either will do.  Also I need your hips measurement or hips  size. These sizes are usually found in the dropdown menu at checkout.   If not add them in “note to seller” at checkout.  The info the better. 

Size Explanations

General U.S. Jr.s Size Chart (dresses & skirt sets)

xxsmall = 000-00 xsmall = 0-1  Women’s size 2 small = 3-5 Women’s size 4 medium 7-9 Women’s size 8 large 11-13 Women’s size 10-12 xlarge 15-17 Women’s size 14-16 xxlarge custom requests 

Thongs and Belly Chains, Skirts, U.S. Size for  LeatherandLacz/YourStripperOutfits Jrs sizes if you go by women’s sizing  it fits in these numbers as well.

Hips (most important measurement) 26″-27″ XXSmall=000-00 28″-29″ XSmall=0-1 (Women’s 2) 30″-31″ Small=3-5 (Women’s 4) 32″-34″Medium=7-9 (W=6-8) 35″-38″ Large=11-13 (W-10-12) 39″-42″xLarge=15-17 (W-14-16) 

One Piece Outfits

Be sure to tell me IF you have a short or long waist.   You would know this because one piece bathing suits in your regular  size would be either too short for your body or too long depending on  your waist length. This matters only in purchase of ONE PIECE or  ONESIES.  Your waist size is relevant to me if you order a onesie. So  again leave this info in “NOTE TO SELLER” at checkout. 


Just use the “Size Explanations” chart above, if your ordering a  dress.  Unless you want customizations in which case use messaging  system at this link. 

Size Conversions

  SIZE CONVERSIONS other countries   CANADA 0 2 4- 6 8-10 12 14   USA 0 2 4- 6 8-10 12 14   UK 4 6 8 – 10 12-14 16 18   FRANCE 32 34 36 – 38 40 – 42 44 46   SPAIN 32 34 36 – 38 40-42 44 46   GERMANY 30 32 34 – 36 38-40 42 44   ITALY 36 38 40 – 42 44 – 46 48 50